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Sant Angelo

On my last trip to Rome, I, of course, could not miss an opportunity to shoot one of the most famous landmarks of the city - Castel Sant’Angelo. Actually, it ended up being my favorite spot this trip, since I was there almost every day and I managed to get some great shots of that beautiful bridge.
It was my first morning in Rome, I woke up really early, having already this location in mind, and met a fellow photographer and friend Emanuele. Together we had a lovely walk, even though it was freezing, during which we managed to catch up and chat When we arrived at the location it was still quite early and I was trying to find the right spot to shoot Sant’Angelo from up close, but I could see that the weather was not helping me at all and it was a rather cloudy morning, so I could not capture what I had imagined…However, roaming around the area and looking for another perspective and composition I ended up shooting from the Bridge Vittorio Emanuele II. The view was great and I really liked how the rays illuminated the less dense clouds. After a very successful first morning shooting, we decided to reward ourselves with some tasty croissants and coffee in a small and very lovely cafe that Emanuaele suggested
Regarding the technical part, I shoot a series of bracketed files, starting from -2 and up to +2 EV, however during the editing process I have only used some of the files. I started in Lightroom with a specific raw file of the sky, where I focused on the clarity and the white balance, plus a perfect exposure between the highlights and the shadows. Secondly, I edited a shot of the Castle and The bridge of Sant Angelo in order to match the white balance and the exposure. The last step was to combine all of the those into a one singe file with the help of photoshop, where I fixed the saturation, color balance, sharpness and cloned out some sensor dust and garbage from the sides of the river.
Hope you enjoy

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