Rome - Rilind Hoxha

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The Guardian Angels

Arriving at Rome at late evening hours and finding that it was really difficult to find anything to eat after midnight was really terrible experience, and I ended up eating a Kebab which was really bad because I did not have another choice (no diarrhea was involved after that, thank god :P). I went sleeping early that night, cuz I had to wake up the next morning and shoot some magnificent object such as Castel Sant'Angelo which was my first stop in Rome.

I went there a little earlier that I was supposed to, to capture the city lights and well so I could combine it later… Luckily the sunrise after that was even more fascinating than I expected and it made this shot easily as one of my most favorites from this trip. (I have more shots to share from the other cities as well). The Angels are the witnesses of my happy face, and the one on the left being one of my favorite ones, just liked the elegant and innocent impression it gave to me.

The shot itself it’s a combination of multiple images at various time horizon in order to create this magical look. I worked for a really long time with this one and I am extremely happy how it turned out, just as I expected… The most difficult part was color correction since the sky and the building were just opposite colors and I had to deal with each of them separately in separate layers to achieve the best effect. It’s a blend of 3 bracketed images, and some parts are from different images and specific settings. I used mostly selective colors and selective sharpening to get the most desired effect… I did not forget to use Viveza and Color Effex pro as well, and in the end I fine-tuned the noise with Topaz Denoise

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