Rome - Rilind Hoxha

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Crack of dawn

Today i had the opportunity to shoot the ancient part of Rome, known as the Roman Forum. i had a walk around the city since it took me a while to get there, through the early morning and i was almost hopeless about the sky, but yet when i approached the old city some colors begun to pop in the clouds. I rushed a little to arrive to the location i intended to shoot and started to look for the perfect angle, the colors in the sky were just amazing. and i was super excited to have the opportunity to at least see this natural phenomenon and even more capture that with my camera. It was simply stunning

I did 3 shots for this one (bracketed -1,0,+1) and than blended basically the 0 and +1 exposure since thats all i needed to achieve the perfect balance of light, the shot was fantastic from camera and very minor changes have been done in post processing, like some color correction in the foreground and also removing the tint from the sky reflection on the pavement

Hope you enjoy