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Beneath the Blues

Castel Sant’Angelo was definitely the place to shoot this past trip to Rome. And no wonder why: the area is beautiful, the details on all the sculptures are intricate and the bridge with the river flowing is just gorgeous. Once the sun is down, the place is doubtlessly better to explore, since there aren’t a lot of tourists and the darkness adds a layer of mystery, which is clearly visualized in the picture.

It was my last day in Rome, myself and the fellow photographer Emanuele met a couple of hours before the sunset and planned to shoot from the top of the Vittorio Emmanuel II Monument. The sight offers a great terrace for a panorama over the city of Rome, plus there is an elevator that can get you even higher. When we got up there, I took some shots, however the view was not as I expected and the pictures were not coming out as I envisioned them. We quickly decided to change the location and drove to Sant’Angelo to make it to the sunset. After we managed to get there just in time, I wandered around and moved my tripod quite a lot, trying to find the perfect spot and it was freezing but it was worth it since I was very happy with how the pictures came out. I can only imagine how awesome it would be from the top of Sant’Angelo, which I hope to shoot on my next trip there.

Being there for more than two hours and capturing the same scene in different time periods, without changing the composition at all, I was able to combine the sunset shot and the blue hour shot. By blending the sunset and the blue hour I managed to grasp the rays from the sun, the city lights, the blue sky and the longer exposure for the water. This combination of several exposures shot at different time, I believe, has helped me to create a more complete shot.

Regarding the technical part of the image, luminosity masking and free hand painting over the different layers was done in photoshop. Also some color correction was applied in order for the different shots to match the colors of one another as well as sharpening and noise reduction. Finally, I cloned out some garbage from the water.

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