Paris - Rilind Hoxha

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The Light That Leads

Paris is well known for its architectural beauty, not only for the old historical monuments but for the new part as well called La defense, and the Arch de Triumph and the Champs-Elysees road leads straight to this amazing location. A modern arch is build there that mimics the Arch de Triumph and marks a new era of this majestic city. After shooting la defense from the frontal view, I headed fast to the metro station to capture the last light and the blue hour.

The shot is a blend of 3 single exposures, and one extra layer filled with stars that I shot at some other location, but I guess it suits this image better ☺ I had fun playing with the dodge and burn layers here, lightening up some dark spots, other than that I did some excessive cloning to remove various garbage thrown from the car windows and other dirt spots but in the end it looks nice and clean