Landscape - Rilind Hoxha

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Floating Shipwreck

Last week I had the honor to participate in the photography Exhibition organized by Ardian Fezollari which was held in Pogradec, Albania. It was my second time visiting the city and I came back with lots of exciting memories and, of course, some beautiful photographs. The city is located in southeastern Albanian and situated on the shores of Ohrid Lake. Even though it is a small city, its full of culture and interesting attractions. It impresses you with its nature, including the river, green places everywhere (especially during Spring and summer time), gorgeous swans and fishermen. The houses are beautiful and very typical to the region, the streets are narrow and paved with stone while grape trees hang over the streets. Basically, a great and calm place to enjoy photography.

On both visits to this city I really enjoyed taking photos of swans and I was really fascinated with their character and elegance. However, on my last trip I decided to capture different atmospheres of the city, including the urban area, people, fisherman and et cetera.

For this specific shot, I got up early and since I wanted to change the subject from the gorgeous swans, I went to the Driloni National Park in search for something different. I stumbled upon this boat that I did not see the last time I was there, because it was covered with leafs, since it was in the fall. After walking around, I found the perfect spot and was waiting for the sunrise. As I was taking pictures, the ducks came in the frame by accident and I found it awesome to add to the shot.

It is a blend of two raw files, since the highlights were blown out, I needed the darker exposure. I thought of stacking the image for a better focal depth but then I noticed that I shot several different shots while changing the aperture, I saw that at f16 the shot was sharp from top to bottom, above all this there was some color correction and minor changes in sharpening and some noise reduction

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