Landscape - Rilind Hoxha

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Winter is here

After the heavy snow falling last night, the weather today was pretty nice and i decided to make a use of it and went to one of my favorite locations here in my city, the Aquaduct.

A tip from me to you, when you shoot in the snow, or any location that you can leave traces you have to go all around the place, find a possibility to go behind the whole scene and than start going forward, so you dont have to take care of those stops latter in photoshop (I learned the hard way a while ago, therefore i decided to share this with you guys)

Its a 1 RAW file edition, mainly in lightroom... I did not need more than 1 file since the snow reflects more of the light and it illuminates the scene almost perfectly. It was difficult finding a Foreground element in snow, and this is what caught my attention and made use of it. Also the light was fading slowly, and i waited just for it to be as i desired

Hope you like it