Istanbul - Rilind Hoxha

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Lost In Colors

This is the first location i visited in Istanbul. Speaking of it its a very colorful area, full of people, noise (people speaking not camera noise), smelly, dark and so on... They sell everything there, starting from souvenirs, shirts, chocolate, nargile, and its well known for gold as well and jewelry.

Speaking of the shot i have to say i did shoot with my 16-35mm lens at 35mm at f4 so i could get a tighter crop but still include everything this guy was selling and as i can recall i was using auto iso with shutter speed set at 1/30 sec and max iso at 640 to get a better noise level and still i checked that i could handle the camera without having some motion blur because of the handshake or so... I know this is not what you really expected from my trip to Istanbul, but hey... Its the first shot and location, and there are many more to come so be patient

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