Istanbul - Rilind Hoxha

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Istanbul Sunset

This is the second best shot from Istanbul in my opinion? what about yours? I was roaming around the blue mosque for around 2 hours to find a rooftop that will allow me to shoot it in this form, and as soon as i found it i begged the receptionist to let me climb the rooftop, and he was very kind... I have almost the same shot on sunset as well but this is much more striking... I waited for 2 more hours for the lights to turn on, and it was really difficult because the wind was very strong and the pigions have already overpopulated the place and it was quite difficult to walk around their nests and eggs, but i think it was more than worth it

I did use a 70-200mm lens at f11, at 105mm for a maximum sharpness, i did shoot 9 shots for this one, bracketing from the lowest one to the brightest one and combined them on PC, it is not an HDR shot for those who are claiming that it is It was all manually blended, with layer masking, saturation, contrast edition and so on

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