Istanbul - Rilind Hoxha

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The palace

Well, i fell in love with this place... It was magnificent, i was left in aw and i really enjoyed every bit of time i was there... It was forbidden to take photography inside, but did some tricks Since we had a tour guide, and they were speaking for almost 5 minutes for every room or location that was important i was always last and actually did not hear anything about the locations, because i waited for everyone to leave so i could shoot the place

I did use a higher ISO here, at 640 because most of shots were hand held and its a bracketing of 5 different shots, really difficult to manual blend because of the great tonal range, but i really enjoyed, The most difficult thing about this shot is to control the distortion, it took me around 30 minutes to fixe it and make it look natural ... I must say this is the TOP 5 images from Istanbul

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