Florence - Rilind Hoxha

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I managed to place my huge tripod in a safe and secured location but saw that the composition and the foreground elements were not as I desired them to be… after many shots take I changed the location and moved on the upper level of the terrace. There were literally thousands of people and I almost gave up since no one was letting me to get in the first row. After the clock was ticking I got what I desired, (even though people were coming in front of the camera anyway) started shooting since the sunsets was fading fast, changing different techniques compositions framing and so on. It was already dusk and the city lights began to touch the surface of the old architecture of this city, I changed the composition once more and this is exactly what you are looking right now. The key element here is that I included some of the most famous landmarks of Florence here, the Ponte Vechio, the Duomo and the Palazzo Vechio