Cologne - Rilind Hoxha

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Under The Lights

I am sharing something from a while ago, back when I was visiting Cologne for the second time, my favorite city, filled with many beautiful memories :D
This was the third day I was spending there and I had planned to shoot something for the sunset but was unsure about what to do during the day. So, I basically decided to walk around and wait for the inspiration to hit me :P As I was walking along the river, I passed by three very cool buildings, their architecture is awesome! I saw this lamp post and I thought it will be interesting to play with the composition. My girlfriend came along as well and she suggested to use the long exposure, she loves those, because she doesn’t get bored to death, while I do my magic :D Actually, it turned out to be a great idea, I was very happy with how the shots came out.
It was an 8 minute exposure and I used my Firecrast 16 ND Formatt Hitech filter. I decided to go with the black and white because the colors of the building were flat and converting the image made it much more dramatic. The contrast gave more depth to the shot and a 3D feeling.

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